"We always get it done”

At CEGE, we go by the motto "We always get it done”. This simply means we will bend over backwards to ensure that our clients always get what they expect from us. We have no office hours, we work overtime to produce exceptional work at all times. We are flexible and adaptable. We are committed, loyal and value the relationships built with our clients over the years. We respect our clients’ confidentiality clauses and, where we can, we go the extra mile for them.

Our Services

Community Development
Cege facilitates the development of community strategies to improve quality of life, strengthen economic viability and enhance community sustainability. We work with local municipalities and community organisations to…
Skills Development
Cege Training strives to become the training provider of choice, embracing the sharing of skills to uplift and empower every individual trained. With a foundation in the field…
Cege Consulting is known by its clients for its unique approach. Our selling proposition is a bottom up approach. This is where we engage and respect the opinions…

Focus on building community relationships

The REIPPP Programme is a very complex programme with stakeholders such as BEE partners and Community Trusts – just to mention a few – that have to work firstly with each other and then with other government and regulartory stakeholders such as the labour department or offices of the premier. The stakeholders are an integral part of project planning and implementation. A project needs all these external parties as they determine its success through their roles in different activities. As wide a cluster of stakeholders is, some are facilitators who have a direct impact on the practical implementation, especially where rights to implement lie with them.