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Behind the mission
Sibulele Sibaca It was the vigorous determination to de-stigmatise Aids Orphans that birthed an extraordinarily powerful and distinguishable Brand. Sibulele Sibaca, a dynamic motivational speaker, author and businesswoman with an inspiring personal story, was indeed an Aids orphan because she had lost her parents to Aids at the tender age of 16. But, she was determined not to be a victim of her circumstances. Through a series of life events, Sibu as she is affectionately known, has uncovered her purpose and innate ability to inspire others by sharing her testimony through her insightful talks that are sure to energise your spirit and awaken your untapped potential. Her teachings are centred on tackling young women's issues, developing a healthy self-esteem, entrepreneurship and empowering people to embrace life challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Sibu’s life in itself is an example of the power of perseverance, unwavering determination and the infinite potential of the human spirit in everyone. Whether she’s speaking in front of an audience of thousands, huddling with the nation’s most accomplished leaders or mentoring new business owners, Sibu unleashes the possibility that exists once we embrace our obstacles and dare to stand up and lead. Her authenticity, courage and contagious passion have made her a trusted voice for her generation. Her petite physique and enduring spirit unleashes an astounding voice that is determined to create a legacy of impact and inspiration.
Previous Clients Feedback
“With these passionate ladies we trained over 200 workers just outside Bloemfontein on a PV solar plant on many energy related interventions. They made real hard wok look easy. They were committed and dedicated to ensuring the programmes success. I will work with them anytime!” Mr. Mokhete Duma Head of Cogta, Free State “Wow! What a team! The Cege team knows exactly what it is they are doing. They continue to surprise us, year after year they raise the bar on our enterprise development programme. They execute projects with the highest level of quality and professionalism. Working with them is a pleasure.” Simon Ndukwana CFO, TETA “Socio Economic Development is a new but integral part of the IPP Programme. Cege Consulting took their time in understanding what this space was about, what the requirements were so that they could deliver an excellent programme. Well done ladies, it was a pleasure working with you.” Jeffrey Robile Former CEO of Lesedi and Letsatsi Solar Projects
Our Approach
Our work thrives on idea generation. Ideas that speak directly to specific gaps in the market. We strategically assess the environment and generate ideas on how best to address the identified challenges. All ideas that turn into programmes are well thought through; serve our beneficiaries adequately and allow our clients to tick their boxes with a social conscious, ensuring a win-win situation for everyone. Transformation
We are a 100% Black women owned company. We are passionate about and dedicated to what we do. Most of our programmes have a distinct focus on benefiting young black women. We believe that if one capacitates this demographic, one is not only building families, but communities as well. Identified gaps warrant either greenfield solutions or improvements on interventions that already exist. We have built flexibility into our process that enables us to manage a project from inception to completion or make a contribution at a particular stage in the project lifecycle. Our work does not stop with implementation. We undertake measurements and evaluation to determine and articulate the impact realised. Track Record and Impact
Whilst our future plans are epic, we cannot be more pleased with the stature and impact of initiatives we have undertaken to date, working alongside industry-leading corporate citizens. Through Basadi@Business, Containerized Bakeries, My Square Meter, Renewable Energy Capacitation Programme and other programmes, we have not only impacted our client’s compliance scorecards and social responsibility imperatives, but also millions of lives across demographics. Our journey continues to find more avenues to deliver even greater impact. We love what we do. We are what we do. Green Agenda
Whilst socioeconomic development is critical for global communities to escape poverty and prosper, all efforts aimed at achieving such development are futile without recognising that ecological sustainability is at the foundation of all and everyone’s responsibility. Our intent and business model recognise renewable energy as a critical imperative in this regard. It is an agenda we continually seek to serve, hence our particular interest in renewable energy initiatives and our day-to-day
commitment to “green” practices and habits. Mphoko Matsie Mphoko is highly motivated and a competent team leader with a strong vision to achieve successful outcomes for clients and colleagues. She has demonstrated strong project management skills as a leader of motivated teams. She has extensive corporate experience at management levels which together with her qualifications has equipped her with business management skills within the broader socio-economic and skills development environment. Her corporate experience is coupled with experience in the small, medium and micro enterprises and utilizes creativity, leadership and teamwork to design and execute solutions that create customer value. Mphoko’s strength comes through her unique ability to use her business experiences to understand the knowledge and skills her participants need to increase their performance and productivity in order to design programmes in a way that excites and motivates participants.
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